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Starfield Delayed After Bethesda Devs Had Really Good Idea for Elder Scrolls They Had to Work On Right Now

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Bethesda announced today that its upcoming game Starfield has been delayed until September for PC and Xbox Series X and S.

“Sorry, one of the devs had an absolutely sick idea for something we can do in Elder Scrolls VI and we got super ADHD about it and had to do it right then and there,” explained Bethesda director Todd Howard. “Kinda stupid on our end considering that Starfield was supposed to come out all the way back in November 2022, and Elder Scrolls VI is like barely even a game at this point. But sometimes inspiration strikes and you just wanna work on the shiny new thing for like six or seven months straight instead of the one that’s supposed to be coming out. It’s such classic us! Haha.”

“We just had this really cool idea where the dragons, like—shit, sorry, I really shouldn’t even talk about it. We HAVE to work on Starfield. It’s literally our job right now,” Howard continued. “The thing with Starfield is that it’s so boring now. Like it’s just finishing touches stuff that’s not fun to work on. I don’t even know if I like the game anymore, I’ve been staring at it for so long. It just feels like work, I guess.”

At press time, Howard sheepishly told developers to stop working on the sudden idea they had today for The Evil Within 3 because they “really really really” need to get Starfield out.

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