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Spirit Halloween Opens in Central Yharnam Officially Ushering In ‘The Hunt’

CENTRAL YHARNAM — As the first Spirit Halloween location opened its doors for the year, residents of Central Yharnam reportedly began equipping their pitchforks and threaded canes in preparation for what would no doubt be “the hunt” soon.

“Foul beasts walk the streets every time these stores open up– like clockwork, it is,” said an anonymous town resident through a shuttered window. “Folks imbibe in the blood and expect nothing more than a deal on a cheap, last-minute costume? Beasts all over the shop, and you’ll be one of them sooner or later…”

Experts on the phenomenon chimed in to share their thoughts.

“Ah, Spirit… or some say, Spirit Halloween,” said Mikolash, Host of the Nightmare. “Do they hear our prayers? Do they know how these stores disturb Rom? Do they see how these specters enter the hallowed halls of shops that were forced to close their doors during a bad economy? The nightmare swirls and churns unending!”

Employees of Spirit Halloween were mostly confused on what the hunt even is.

“I don’t know man, we just sell halloween costumes and masks here. Candy and shit, I dunno,” said Steve, a store manager at Spirit Halloween. “People take this shit really seriously here. If I don’t close exactly at 9pm on the dot, I’m liable to get torn into pieces by a werewolf or have my skull caved in by a large hunch-backed monster. I keep saying we deserve more than minimum wage, but do they ever listen?”

At press time, a hunter was seen browsing the selection of costumes at Spirit Halloween, attempting to figure out which set would have the most resistance against the Frenzy status effect.