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‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Director Explains How They Added Knuckles to the Film By Attaching ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ Cartridges to All The Cameras

LOS ANGELES — The director of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 recently revealed how they added the Knuckles character to the movie’s footage by retrofitting old copies of Sonic & Knuckles to fit in the cameras used to make the movie, sources have confirmed. 

“Yeah, just the same exact way as the old Sonic & Knuckles game worked,” confirmed Jeff Fowler, director of the two Sonic films, referencing the cartridge’s unique design. “I mean, it’s not the exact same, because with this we had to adapt it to work on camera lenses and not other SEGA games, you understand. A giant pain in the ass, if we’re being honest. If you have an idea for a better way to insert Knuckles into the scenes, though, I’m all ears.”

Fans were skeptical that such a drastic measure was necessary to incorporate a new CGI character into the film’s proceedings. 

“Wait, what?” asked Megan Culver, a local Sonic fan. “Why wouldn’t they just animate Knuckles the same way they animated Sonic or anything else? I swear, Hollywood finds the most expensive and wasteful ways to do anything. Who would even think of sticking a cartridge into a movie camera?” 

Developers of Sonic & Knuckles were surprised and elated to hear of their groundbreaking work’s continued influence. 

“We knew it was a crazy idea at the time, but we pulled it off,” said Sonic & Knuckles director Hirokazu Yasuhara. “The fact that any [non-Sonic] game you paired it up with gave you a unique bonus level experience just proved all of our naysayers wrong. We swung big, and we did it. How in the hell they’re using this information to make films in the twenty-first century, I’m still not sure, but we saw the pictures of that camera with the game sticking out, and we’re really honored.”

As of press time, Paramount revealed that they’d be using the Sonic & Knuckles technology to also make the Knuckles character appear in the upcoming Scream VI

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