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Sega Confirms $800M ‘Super Game’ Budget Includes Yuji Naka Bail Fund

TOKYO — After announcing that they are working on a “Super Game” set to be released by March 2026, Sega confirmed that a large portion of the expected $800 million budget will go towards developer Yuji Naka’s bail fund.

“Our upcoming ‘Super Game’ aims to surpass all existing triple-A titles on the market,” explained Sega president Haruki Satomi. “And a large portion of that funding will go towards springing Yuji Naka out of prison and bringing him back to work at Sega. After that, we hope to create a solid 7/10 Sonic game at best. Please look forward to it.”

Fans weren’t quite sure what to make of the news.

“That is a shit ton of money,” read a reply from internet user SonicToilet41. “But hey, insider trading is no joke. Here’s hoping Yuji gets his freedom, returns to work at Sega, and we get an extremely mid Sonic game out of it.”

Satomi elaborated further on the proposal.

“If we spent the entire 800 million on development, the game would be too powerful and too expensive to run on any existing hardware,” said Satomi. “But still, technically it is a very impressive budget, isn’t it? Yes, very impressive.”

At press time, developers were hopeful that the remainder of the $800 million will allow them to finally figure out how to make Sonic go through a 3D loop without clipping into the ground.