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PS4 With ‘Cyberpunk’ Downloaded Listed on eBay Just In Case Anyone’s Stupid Enough to Go for That

DALLAS — Local gamer Carter Evans has reportedly listed his PS4 console containing a digital download of the now-delisted Cyberpunk 2077 on eBay just in case anyone’s stupid enough to go for that, sources confirmed earlier today.

“Every time a game gets taken off of the PlayStation store, people go nuts trying to get a hold of it,” said Evans, taking pictures of the console running the now-unattainable digital download of CD Projekt Red’s game off of its 500 gigabyte hard drive. “It happened with P.T., and it happened with Scott Pilgrim. I never downloaded either of those so I missed my chance to make some money back then, but this time I got lucky, and right now there’s gold in the streets. At least, I assume. There’s gotta be some idiots out there who don’t know there are Blu-ray copies of Cyberpunk you can still play.”

Evans says that he isn’t in a rush to make a profit right away, considering the circumstances of the game’s removal from the PlayStation store.

“Sure, there’s a chance I might not find a buyer for this for a couple of months, especially because I’m selling it at a massive markup, but it’s not like CD Projekt Red is going to be able to get the game recertified anytime soon. I mean, have you seen the bugs on this thing? Yeesh. I feel really bad for whatever sucker decides to buy this from me.”

At press time, Evans was answering questions submitted on his eBay listing to assure potential buyers that the game’s bugs had not destroyed his console or made it catch fire.

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