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Water-Type Pokémon Looking Forward to Long Journey With Trainer After Beating Fire-Type Gym

ROUTE 21, Kanto — Goldfish Pokémon Seaking, level 38, is excited for its future after helping to defeat Fire-type user Blaine at the Cinnabar Island Gym.

“I was sent directly to Bill’s PC when I was caught back on Route 19, so it was such a thrill to be back in the real world contributing to meaningful battles,” said the Pokémon, who compared the experience of being stored digitally to its worst nightmares of Hell. “My trainer even taught me Surf, an HM move! It feels good to have someone truly believe in me like that.”

Seaking’s trainer Red expressed gratitude for the Pokémon’s efforts at Kanto’s seventh Gym, but refused to speculate about his lineup for any upcoming matches.

“Look, Cinnabar was a great team win,” said Red. “Seaking definitely had a big role in that. Next up, we’ve got the Ground-type gym in Viridian, but after that, it’s the Elite Four. Those guys present all sorts of matchup problems, and I’ve only got six Pokémon slots to work with. I’m going to approach these challenges individually and make decisions that are best for the team.”

Despite lacking any long-term commitment from its trainer, Seaking remained upbeat about its circumstances and prospects.

“Even after the gym victory, this whole experience has been a blast. We’ve been through some more trainer battles and Red actually captured a couple of new teammates! I think I’m really going to enjoy working alongside Staryu and Gyarados.”

Late reports from local sources indicate that Red was seen accessing the PC in the Viridian City Pokémon Center.