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Pokémon Breeding Forum Accidentally Turns Into Eugenics Forum Again

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Another Pokémon forum has regrettably turned into a discussion of eugenics, according to saddened users on the site.

According to those who use the site, which is called DittoMyWidow, users used to spend their time discussing the ins and outs of how to effectively breed Pokémon across the series’ various games. Unfortunately, as has happened before on hundreds of similar websites, the forum devolved into madness after one user pointed out that Pokémon breeding “isn’t that different from real life.”

“It’s a damn shame to see it happen to another site. Fifth one in a row for me,” said user ShinySnivy123. “I really just want to discuss the best way to make a tournament viable team with the Pokémon at my disposal. I do not want to discuss whether or not The Jews naturally have a high special attack in real life on account of their alleged ability to use Psychic moves. And yet, every few months, that’s the kinda shit that shows up.”

Ria Bates, a psychologist and avid Pokémon player, explained the phenomenon. 

“Once people get really into Pokémon breeding, if they’re enough of a capital G gamer, they’re going to start seeing it everywhere in their lives,” Bates explained. “But the real world isn’t that simple. Pokémon may have fire-type, water-type, electric-type, etc, but those are much more rigid categories than white, black, Asian, etc. The amount of times I’ve had to explain to people online that there is no stat bonus for being Italian would shock you. People just want things to be simple, but they need to remember that Pokémon is just a video game. There are no real life types, just like there aren’t real life save points, legalized animal fighting, or hospitals that don’t cost money.”

At press time, DittoMyWidow officially shut down after users started wondering aloud what would happen if a trainer tried breeding with a Pokémon… 🤔