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Blizzard Launches PvE Mode for Overwatch 2

IRVINE, Calif. — Blizzard has finally announced the new PvE “Hero Mode” for Overwatch 2, playing the role of the enemy.

“We know fans have wanted PvE in Overwatch 2 and we’re so excited to have finally launched it,” said Overwatch 2 executive producer Aaron Keller. “I know that many fans were expecting to have PvE in the game, but we’ve taken the mode one step further and allowed players to fully experience it outside of the game. That’s right: PvE in Overwatch 2 lives right here on social media. You’re the P and we’re the E, so head to your local Twitter account, find one of our posts, and take fire!”

“We’re so excited for you to discover all the lore we’ve laid out for you,” Keller continued, “from the names and personalities of all our employees, to the home addresses of all of our employees.”

Despite the announcement, fans have been split on the new mode.

“I’m glad they finally added PvE, but I thought the whole point was that it would be in the actual video game,” said Twitter user WidowMater97. “It’s just not the same thing. When I’m in the game, I get to be Widowmaker. But in the real world, I’m not Widowmaker at all — I’m Widowmaker’s boyfriend.”

“I think it’s fucking dope,” said Redditor u/SEND_ME_CROODS This is the best expansion to the Players vs. Blizzard lore since the time we all got mad at them for sexually harassing all those people.”

At press time, a group of Blizzard employees and a group of angry gamers were each trying to push along a payload outside the company’s main headquarters.

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