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Open World Game Praised for Realistic Weather Effects That Give You Seasonal Depression

MINNEAPOLIS — Praising the deep, emotional impact it leaves on the player, gamers are giving rave reviews to the newly released open-world video game Somber Canyon for its realistic cycling weather effects that eventually cause you to experience seasonal depression, pale and sullen-eyed sources have confirmed.

“I’ve never played anything as immersive as this before,” said local gamer Paul Minetta, swaddled in a heavy wool blanket while staring at the bleak, cloudy sky of the world of Somber Canyon. “I mean, I’ve played games with gloomy environments before, but they really accomplished something different with Somber Canyon. The other day it started raining in the game, and it just never stopped. I got tired of seeing rain so I turned off the game and the next day it was still raining. Eventually I didn’t feel like I could remember what it felt like for it not to be raining. And I just started to cry. I have no idea why. I fucking love this game.”

Players say that, not only is the game’s weather very realistic visually, but it also has very interesting effects on the world of the game itself.

“My health was running low, so I had to go find a town with an inn to rest in,” read one review by Reddit user. “My character went right to sleep and slept for 15 straight hours. When he woke up, it was dark outside and I got a bunch of notifications that some of my missions had expired because too much time had passed. I’ve never felt this bad about myself while playing a video game, this is amazing!”

At press time, the developers of Somber Canyon have released a teaser for a DLC pack featuring a SAD lamp that your player can stare at to help you improve your mood.

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