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Nintendo Sends DMCA Takedown to Man’s Arm for Triforce Tattoo

ATLANTA — Video game company Nintendo has sent a cease and desist to local fan Denis Fernandez for his Legend of Zelda triforce tattoo, prompting him to either take down the tattoo or remove and return his arm to Nintendo.

“We take our intellectual property very seriously and Mr. Fernandez’s arm is in direct violation of our copyright,” said Nintendo lawyer Frank Walters. “Mr. Fernandez needs to remove this part of his body that is profiting off of our licensed character or else pay the consequences because this is a very serious issue. We will do everything in our power to protect the rights of artists against the vile ROM-hacks, fan creations, and tributes to our games made by children around the world. It sickens me.”

Following the cease and desist, Fernandez is considering his options before making his next move to remove the tattoo.

“Everyone warned me about this when I said I was going to get a triforce on my arm,” Fernandez said. “I just figured my arm was small potatoes; there’s no way Nintendo would find out! But they did find out and they’re coming for me. There’s no hiding from Nintendo lawyers. God help us all.”

As of press time, Nintendo held a special unannounced Direct this morning featuring just a silent video of Nintendo of America COO Doug Bowser victoriously holding Fernandez’s severed arm over his head like a trophy.

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Photo by Roo Reynolds.

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