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Nintendo Announces You Can Borrow Their Old Games But They’re Gonna Need Them Back

KYOTO, Japan — Nintendo announced a collection of 3D Mario games from past generations coming to Nintendo Switch today, available to be borrowed from them soon, as long as you absolutely promise to give it back by the spring.

“We would love to share these great pieces of Mario history with as many fans as possible, but we need to be careful about just lending out our games without putting a policy in place,” said President at Nintendo of America Doug Bowser in a Nintendo Direct this morning. “Several years ago we let Microsoft borrow Banjo Kazooie and they never gave it back. We won’t let that happen again. They’re our games, ya know.” 

While the chance to borrow these Mario games has generated a lot of excitement among fans, many have voiced concerns over having to give them back to Nintendo so soon.

 “This is really upsetting,” tweeted gamer Kyle Russo. “I mean, I already have Super Mario 64 for my N64, my DS, my Wii Virtual Console, and emulated on my PC, but it’s absolutely infuriating Nintendo is being so strict about when I can play it on my Switch!”

At press time, Nintendo announced that Switch owners can purchase Super Mario Galaxy 2 HD Remaster in October on any date in which the last number is a 1, 3, or 6.

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