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New Game Probably Pretty Fun for Someone Who Didn’t Watch 17 Pre-launch Trailers

CLEVELAND — After the release of a highly-anticipated game, area gamer Brandon Kinz felt that the experience was probably more fun for someone who didn’t watch numerous coverage and trailers prior to its release.

“It’s fun, but it’s kinda ‘been there, done that,’ you know?” explained Kinz. “Sure, it’s everything I could’ve wanted, honestly, but I watched all of the developer interviews, trailers, and cutscene previews I could find online beforehand. I was just excited, okay?”

Other gamers were not so thrilled with the experience.

“I basically got 80% of this for free online beforehand,” explained gamer Zack Dealey. “Sure the game is awesome, just as it appeared to be, and it’s real fun once I actually got my hands on it, but I can’t help but feel a little bit of buyers’ remorse. Does GameStop take ‘I saw too many trailers’ as an excuse for a full buy-back refund?”

Producers of the game took note of the response following its release.

“We hear you loud and clear,” explained an apology posted on twitter by director Stephen Aldridge. “We wanted you to buy our game, but hey, maybe we showed you a little too much. From now on, we will simply be revealing the logos for our upcoming titles, without even a plot synopsis or release date. It will be out when it’s out, and you will be wowed.”

At press time, fans who opted to watch full playthrough streams of the game also wanted their twitch subscription money back.