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Naughty Dog Moves Development of ‘The Last of Us: Part III Remastered’ Ahead of ‘The Last of Us: Part III’

SANTA MONICA, Calif.Uncharted and The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog announced Thursday morning the company would prioritize development of The Last of Us: Part III Remastered before beginning work on The Last of Us: Part III

“With each new console generation, we welcome an influx of new players to PlayStation, and The Last of Us series is a huge part of that experience,” wrote Neil Druckmann in a press release. “Our team has brought The Last of Us: Part II to players twice and The Last of Us: Part I three times with tremendous sales figures each time. We know gamers love marginal, almost imperceivable upgrades to graphics and fidelity. This is why we are thrilled to announce The Last of Us: Part III Remastered.”

The unexpected shift in Naughty Dog’s release schedule has raised some questions, such as what this means for The Last of Us: Part III. Druckmann goes on to address these concerns.

“The team has not forgotten about The Last of Us: Part III. Though we’ve decided to shift focus toward the remaster, fans can still expect the original Part III to launch sometime after with slightly rougher edges and way fewer accessibility options than what they’ve come to appreciate in The Last of Us: Part III Remastered.”

Since the announcement, many cast members from the game have also commented on the upcoming release.

“It’s been exciting to revisit these beloved scenes we’ve yet to even record voice work and motion capture for the first time,” stated Ashley Johnson, who portrays Ellie, in an interview. “60-year-old Ellie finally meeting her demise at the hands of a bloodthirsty JJ in 8K resolution will surely bring tears to fans’ eyes just as it has yet to in the original release of The Last of Us: Part III.”

At press time, a leaked email surfaced indicating a new upcoming Naughty Dog title by the name of The Last of Us: Part III Remastered Remake.