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Mario Invoices Princess for 100 Hours of Plumbing Work Performed During Harrowing Rescue

MUSHROOM KINGDOM — Princess Peach was reportedly shocked to discover that plumber Mario Mario invoiced her for 100 hours of work after rescuing her, according to those familiar with the situation.

“Let’s-a-see… pipe damage, hopping over-a enemies, dodging balls of fire, defeating-a evil lizard named Bowser… let’s call it 100 hours of a-labor and a couple extra a-thousand bucks for parts, okiedokie? Let’s-a-go!” said Mario to the confused princess. “Thank you for a-working with Mario and Luigi Plumbing Services. Please-a give us 5 stars on Yelp. Okay!”

According to sources close to the royal family, Princess Peach did not expect to receive any invoice at all.

“When I asked Mario to save me from Bowser, I didn’t think I was hiring him for a job. It feels a little sketchy to just send me an invoice, even though we never talked about it,” Peach explained. “Not to mention, I have no way of knowing how many hours it actually took him to complete the job. 100 feels like a lot. And I didn’t ask him to fix any pipes or bring along his brother Luigi, but it looks like I’m paying for that too. Hell, I’m even getting charged for a bunch of bridges they destroyed by jumping on an ax. Did I really need new bridges? I don’t know what that’s all about.”

Despite the princess’ concerns, many in the Mushroom Kingdom disagree with her complaints.

“Come on, duuuuudes. You gotta pay people for the work they do!” screeched a local toad named Toad. “The princess is extremely wealthy. I mean I don’t even know how much money to say she has, dude. That big blue jewel she wears on her dress was stolen from one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s many colonies. She paid for it in blood, dude! So she can’t pay a plumber or two or for literally rescuing her from a foreign castle? Makes me sick.”

At press time, instead of paying the Mario Bros. the money they invoiced her for, Princess Peach opted to simply imprison them for the time Mario dropped a baby penguin off a cliff.

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