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Man Slowly Realizing Childhood ‘Nintendogs’ Cartridge Didn’t Go To Farm Upstate

Cincinnati, OHIO — Donovan Henry has reportedly been inching closer to realizing that his beloved copy of Nintendogs from his childhood did not, in fact, end up at a farm upstate, sources have confirmed. 

“I was reminiscing about my childhood, as most adults my age do, and remembered how much I loved playing with all my virtual dogs,” Henry said. “I remembered when I lost it and how sad I was. Fortunately, my parents told me that it merely ran away and was playing with all the other lost DS games and just picturing my copy of Nintendogs living its best life, frolicking with all the other games I’ve lost. Well, it just put a smile on my face. However, I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, there isn’t a magical farm that has all my DS games, and it’s truly gone forever. And it’s also been almost two decades, so that thing’s most definitely dead either way.”

Henry’s parents are surprised their son is still focused on this event.

“I was pretty sure he knew it was bullshit when I first told him, so it’s nice to know my lies are pretty effective.” said Marc Henry, Donovan’s father. “It was just too hard to admit that we got the game all wet, and we really didn’t want to shell out however much it’d be to fix it. So, we wracked our brains and came up with the best excuse we could find – that the game had escaped and went to live on a farm. Can’t believe it stuck.”

Nintendog Whisperer Cesar Bari expressed that this is all too common an occurrence.

“Yes, it’s deplorable when a parent cannot tell their child the truth.” Bari said. “Be it them accidentally running the cartridge over, or just losing it during a big move, parents will try and soften the devastating blow that all your pets are gone forever and you have to restart your file. Some will try and get a new cart, but this is even worse. Kids can always tell with that kind of stuff. Believe me, I tried.”

As of press time, Henry was seen calling used game stores upstate and asking them to describe the used Nintendogs cartridges they had over the phone.