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Man Revisiting Game He Loved as a Child Shocked to Discover It’s More Than 2 Hours Long

ARLINGTON, Texas —  A 37-year-old man was recently shocked to discover a game he loved playing as a child was actually more than two hours long, sources have confirmed. 

“Get the hell out of here,” said local gamer Denny Whittington, while playing Destiny’s Edge, a 1997 PS1 action game he’d played in his youth and recently decided to dig out of the closet. “I played this game so many times, but I never realized that there was more than the first island you’re on. I thought that was the whole game. Wow. Wait, I have an inventory? There’s a store? This changes everything.” 

Developers of the game reportedly anticipated that players such as Whittington would think the game was so short. 

“We knew there was a good chance that some kids might play for more than a few hours, so we definitely added some Easter eggs, like more levels, bosses, and story beyond that first island,” said  Jim Fagan, director of Destiny’s Edge. “We wanted it to have some replay value, for the kids who didn’t have large collections of games and/or short attention spans.” 

As of press time, Whittington was blown away to discover there had been several sequels to Destiny’s Edge, as well as an anime, a feature length film, and several graphic novels. After being excited for a second, he ultimately decided that it sounded like a whole thing.