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Man Goes on Fishing Minigame With His Son

SEASIDE TOWN — Local man Tarik Morgbrine reportedly went on a fishing minigame with his son Gnosh, according to those familiar with the situation.

“We’ve all got main quests and side quests in this life, but sometimes it’s important to put all those aside and spend some time doing a little fishing minigame with your boy,” Morgbrine explained. “This crucial bonding time helps increase our support levels, which in turn, gives me more points in charisma and boosts any magical items I use in combat. Also it’s probably good for my son’s progression too. Plus, fishing is fun!”

According to close sources, Gnosh Morgbine also enjoys the bonding time with his father.

“I can sometimes tell that he’s just trying to increase certain stats or cook a fish to win in a contest or something, but it’s nice to spend time with my father,” the younger Morgbine said. “I just wish fishing was easier. People always talk about how it’s a nice relaxing time to hang out on a boat or a shore and chat while having an ale, but I find fishing super stressful. There’s all these meters and red areas and green areas you have to reel at the right second… it’s like a whole thing. But it’s nice to see the word EXCELLENT pop up when I do a good job. It’s very validating.”

At press time, Morgbrine left his son to go off killing low level goblins in the woods for several months without telling anyone.