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Man Can’t Throw Away PS2 Multitap in Case Three Friends Want to Get Together and Play a Few Rounds of ‘Twisted Metal: Black’

PARMA, Ohio —  Local game collector Steve Yalper is dutifully holding on to his vintage PlayStation 2 Multitap in case up to three of his friends decide they want to swing by his place and play some Twisted Metal: Black.

“I don’t even have a PlayStation 2,” explained Yalper. “But when you see something like this for $2 at a Goodwill, you gotta purchase it, you know? What if I find a PS2, a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament, four controllers, and three other people also interested in those things? I’d be out of luck!”

Yalper, who has also recently bought just the salvaged hard drive of a broken Xbox 360 and a Sega Dreamcast fishing controller, says that the anxiety of the pandemic has increased his nostalgia for old gaming memorabilia. He is reportedly planning on having friends, neighbors, ‘and whoever’ over for a party in the upcoming months once he collects enough old hardware to actually play something.

“Oh yeah, once things go back to normal I’m gonna have one hell of a bash,” he said. “And you can be sure I won’t be caught with my pants down when someone says ‘Hey, me and my two friends want to play Crash Team Racing, can anyone help us out?’” I’m gonna be a legend!

At press time, Yalper’s friends were all enjoying a multiplayer game on Steam.

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