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Indie RPG That Can’t Decide on an Artstyle Just Going To Use All of Them

SEATTLE — After struggling to decide on what art style to use for their upcoming RPG maker game, an independent game developer chose to just go ahead and use every single one of them instead.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make,” explained indie developer Mark Hanson, “so we just didn’t decide on anything at all. Yeah. We were tired of trying to decide whether to go with something either anime-inspired, comic book-inspired, old school 2D sprite-inspired, or flat-out realistic. So we just tossed all that shit into the game and moved on with our lives. More is always better, right?”

Response to the game’s reveal was mixed.

“I wish I could say I see what they went for here, but I really don’t,” read one comment from IAmError. “The gameplay looks fun, but everything is just sorta… all over the place. Sometimes the characters look like they’re drawn from a retro manga, and then other cutscenes depict them like figures from a renaissance painting. It really takes your brain a second to catch up with.”

Hanson defended his artistic decision.

“There’s truly something here for everybody,” said Hanson. “Don’t like how the character looks in one cutscene? Well, you’re sure to like their other design in the next one, or maybe the one after that. That’s something truly great about modern technology– it affords us this fantastic wealth of options.”

At press time, it was revealed that the developer tossed a bunch of prompts into an AI blender and published whatever nonsense it spat out.