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Halo Infinite Harkens Back to the Series’ Roots by Letting Players Collect 25 Computer Parts to Upgrade Grappling Hook

REDMOND, Wash. — 343 released new information about their upcoming game Halo Infinite today that shows it harkens back to the series’ roots by letting players go on side quests to collect 25 computer parts in order to upgrade their grappling hook.

“We really wanted to make sure that Halo Infinite wasn’t just capitalizing on the trends in gaming. That’s why we threw in some classic features like a big map with a ton of objective icons that the Chief can traverse to and eventually unlock as fast travel points,” explained head of 343 Bonnie Ross. “We want people to roam the vast open world of Halo Infinite, searching the bodies of grunts for microchips, and think ‘Wow. This really does feel like Halo 2.’”

Fans on the Halo subreddit praised the announcement in a megathread.

“Holy shit, it’s such a relief to finally see a Halo game that looks and feels like Halo,” said u/masterchiefkeef92. “I audibly gasped when the pilot NPC guy told Master Chief to open up his menu and there was a whole complicated upgrade chain where you can spend points to make Chief more powerful. I’m definitely going to check out the super jump line first; I think it’s going to be really OP to jump into the air, grappling hook into a banshee, and swing it into another one. Assuming I get the combo buttons down correctly, of course.”

“Some people seem to be complaining about the art style, but you have to remember that Halo has never had particularly impressive graphics,” said u/guiltysparkgear. “Halo is about tight gameplay, interesting character design, and being able to dance if you go into your emote menu and select one of eight cool moves. I found it really hard to get into Halo 4 and Halo 5 because it was missing this feature, but I’m so psyched to see it make a triumphant return.”

At press time, the Halo community exploded with excitement once again when 343 revealed that The Arbiter will make an appearance in Halo Infinite, but is now a short latino man named Arby.

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