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Gamer’s Child Looks Exactly Like Them But 50% Smaller

LUNA PIER, Mich. — Local gamers Rick and Shelby Musgrave welcomed a new child into the world, a boy that looks identical to Rick but is half his size.

“I’ll be honest, we’ve had a pretty rough go of things dealing with this pregnancy the past few months, with my wife having to visit the doctor multiple times and me having to miss the new God of War release,” said Rick a few hours after his wife had given birth. “Things were so bad I was worried our kid was gonna come out looking like when you hit the randomize button in a character creator. Instead, I’m now happily the father of a beautiful baby boy that looks like the result of a machine or magic spell shrinking me somehow.”

When reached for comment, Shelby Musgrave expressed overwhelming joy at the birth of her child, even if he didn’t look exactly how she imagined.

“I’m just in awe looking at him,” said Shelby as she held her newborn in her arms. “He looks so much like Rick. Gosh, he has his same eyes, his nose, his stubble, his shark-tooth necklace and blue flannel shirt. I knew kids shared a resemblance with their parents, but I figured he’d wait a few years to gain a personality and facial features and a full head of hair. And I definitely didn’t expect him to come out fully clothed.”

The couple’s OBGYN Dr. Greg Hoffenauer explained that children like this have become common in recent years.

“Something we have yet to discover about the physiology of a gamer has led to these doppelganger-like births,” said Hoffenauer, who specializes in delivering miniature humans with the proportions of an adult. “If you saw the child walking down the street, you’d think it was a lazy recreation of an actual tiny human. Luckily, the child is perfectly healthy and has no other abnormal issues aside from the fact that it looks exactly like its father but smaller.”

At press time the couple was debating whether they’d spec their child exactly like Rick or try out a new build.