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Gamer Who Forgot It’s Halloween Puts Out Spice Orange GameCube at Last Minute

GLEN ELLYN, Ill. — After realizing that it had become October 31st all of a sudden, a panicked gamer put out a spice orange-colored Nintendo GameCube on his porch in lieu of a pumpkin.

“I’ve been so busy I didn’t realize it was Halloween already,” said gamer Andrew Parsons. “I don’t want to disappoint any of the trick-or-treaters, and since I don’t have a jack-o’-lantern or any other festive decorations, I just put out my Japanese-imported spice orange GameCube. Man, I really hope nobody takes it.”

Trick-or-treaters weren’t sure what to make of the impromptu decoration.

“What is this creepy old box?” said trick-or-treater Aiden Thomas. “It’s got four eyes carved into it, and a weird handle on the back. My mom told me not to stop for candy at any strange houses, so we better skip this one.”

Parsons was surprised at the lack of knocking at his door.

“Weird, it’s already 8pm and I’ve still got a full bowl of Snickers here,” said Parsons. “Should I have put out some controllers? Set up a projector to play Melee on? They probably think nobody is home because I barely even tried.”

At press time, some teenagers came by to smash Parsons’ GameCube but instead took it home and got to experience some classics for the first time.