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Gamer Needs to Gamify Playing Video Games In Order to Get Through Gaming

PHILADELPHIA — Local gamer Carla Ward reportedly needs to trick herself into finishing video games by gamifying them in order to get through her daily gaming sessions.

“I love video games, but I hate playing them. That’s why I needed a system to gamify gaming for myself,” explained Ward in a viral Reddit post. “I have set up a system for myself where I give myself points every time I complete a task in a game. If I wrack up enough game points, I reward myself with a small gift, like buying a new video game. This incentives gaming for me and makes it easier for me to get through all my video game chores.”

The post quickly gained traction on Reddit, garnering thousands of comments from those looking to gamify video games for themselves.

“Gamifying weight loss was such a good strategy for me, so I can really see this working for gaming as well,” said u/Mayonetta92. “I don’t know what it is, but something about making things more like a video game really tricks my brain into getting things done. So I can totally see how applying that strategy to video games would get me to finally do it. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!”

“This is such a smart fucking idea. Someone should make an app,” said u/GregGeralto. “I have so much fucking gaming to get through and gamifying it would realllllly help me get to the bottom of my backlog. I just worry I’ll have to gamify taking the time to gamify my gaming.”

At press time, Ward finally got through all her gaming so that she could get to the good stuff: complaining about video games on Twitter.

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