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Freddi Fish Remastered Collection Adds Layer of Plastic Waste to the Sea Floor

SAN FRANCISCO — A newly remastered collection of the popular Freddi Fish adventure games has added a realistic portrayal of plastic waste to the bottom of the sea floor. 

“Wow, this makes this game way more depressing than I remember,” said Kylie Stone, a gamer that grew up playing the Freddi Fish series. “I mean, it’s essentially the same, Freddi and Luther going on adorable adventures and helping their friends and loved ones, but the constant presence of garbage and pollution really puts a damper on the overall tone, not to mention their constant references for the effect this has on their lifespan.” 

“Still great puzzles, though,” she added. “Super fun stuff.” 

The developers felt an added layer of realism is what the original was lacking when it debuted in 1994. 

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds told a story of Freddi helping his grandmother recover her kelp seeds so that her garden wouldn’t wilt and die,” said Larry Kay, one of the series’ creators. “And we always hoped we’d be able to underscore that with a detailed layer of man’s contribution to the degradation of the undersea society we were portraying, humanity spoiling the undersea garden, if you will. Ultimately, as you know, we went with a much more cutesy design at the end of the day, but now we’re finally able to realize our full vision for Freddi Fish and all of his friends.” 

As of press time, SEGA had announced a remake of Ecco the Dolphin that would begin with the game’s titular star stuck in a plastic six-pack ring.