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First Nice Day of Spring Spent Orienting TV So Light Won’t Shine On It

A quick report from the Hard Drive Weather Department:

According to our Accu-Climate Weather Doppler it looks like we’re in for a beautiful couple of days, which means you’ll be spending some time moving your TV so the sun doesn’t directly shine on it while you game.

With highs in the low 70s and not a cloud to be seen, you can be sure that you’ll spend at least an hour over the next few days angrily watching the sun creep across your monitor to the point where the UI of the game you’re playing is so obstructed you’ll be forced to get up and physically turn your television — a very easy task that will feel like the most laborious thing you’ve ever put yourself through.

Mild temperatures will continue through the week, meaning you might want to open your window to let some fresh air in along with the cool breeze to get rid of the combined smell of the various take-out foods you’ve consumed the last few days. Be sure to properly secure any anime figures you may have so that the wind doesn’t blow them off of your shelves. 

Looking ahead to the weekend, we may get a light shower of rain early on Friday for a wet morning commute. 

That should all clear up by mid-day, when the sun will once again come out to stay for Saturday and Sunday, and if you happen to have moved your monitor back into its original position,  we estimate you’ll get upset when the light reflects off of every single speck of dust clinging to your dirty screen.

Enjoy the weather as best you can, and if you do end up having to go outside, don’t forget to bring a little umbrella to shade your Nintendo Switch for any park gaming.