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Everyone Weirded Out By How Enthusiastic Guy Is About ‘Shantae’ Series

LYNBROOK, N.Y. — Local gamer Evan Gramby continues to give everyone weird vibes with his repeated insistence that the Shantae video game series is among gaming’s best, weirded out sources have confirmed. 

“I’m not saying they’re bad games,” said Mike Jenkins, a friend of Gramby’s. “They seem like fine and cute little platformers, but I just don’t see why he had to keep bringing it up when we were all waiting for the ball to drop the other night. He was saying all the lights and stuff reminded him of the Game Boy Color game’s palette or something. It was a real stretch, even by Evan-talking-about-Shantae standards.” 

Shantae developers warned that while they stood behind their work on the series, fans should really cool it with their outspoken love for the game, lest people get the wrong idea. 

“We didn’t set out to make a horny game, but well, it’s a female with an exposed midriff, so the [horny] gamers found us,” said Matt Bozon a co-creator of the Shantae franchise. “Now of course I’m not saying Shantae’s fanbase is made up exclusively of people that have the hots for her. But you really need to be ready for people to think that if you choose to bring up this series of all things in the year 2023.” 

Several peers confessed to generally enjoying Gramby’s presence in the times he’s not going on about the Shantae games.

“Evan’s a great guy, really fun to be around,” said Mary Hawthorne, a coworker of Gramby’s. “Except for every couple of hours when he brings up that video game I’ve still never heard anyone else talk about and spends the next few minutes showing me YouTube videos or sketching pictures of the main character on whatever scrap paper he can find around him. He gets a boner for her, right? This is all a boner thing?” 

As of press time, Gramby had controversially posited that Shantae should be the star of the next Mario game. 

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