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Entire RPG Party Forced to Share Single Bed at Inn

GONGAGA — While traveling across the world of Gaia, Cloud Strife and his questing party arrived at a local inn and were shocked to see that there was only one bed available for the entire party to rest in.

“All right everyone, let’s mosey,” Cloud said as the party looked on in dismay at the single twin bed. “We could each take turns resting, we could all try to fit in the bed at the same time, or something. I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine we’ll get a good night’s sleep, but we already paid for the night and we’ll probably recover like… 5 HP each if we just close our eyes for 20 minutes.”

Some of the other party members were less than enthused about the lack of bed frames.

“Nuh-uh. No way. I am not getting in there with you all,” said Barret Wallace. “I’ll sleep on the floor if I have to. I need my space and I need my eight hours. And that is not going to happen if we play musical chairs with this damn bed. Doesn’t Vincent usually sleep in a coffin anyway?”

Not everyone shared the same amount of disappointment at the lack of sleeping arrangements.

“Cloud and I have been close for a very long time. Like, really close. Since we were kids,” said Tifa Lockhart. “So you just have to look at the silver lining here. Cloud may say that we’re just friends for now, but this is an opportunity for us to share space and get even closer. Though Aerith called dibs on the pillow next to his before I could even say anything…”

At press time, none of the party members were able to sleep in the bed after Red XIII marked his territory by urinating on the bed sheets.

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