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Editorial: If You Think About It, All This Is Like Video Games, Really

There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world these days. Biden has defeated Trump in the 2020 presidential election, there’s a worldwide pandemic, climate change is destroying our planet, income inequality is at an all time high in the United States, and much more. But at the end of the day, it’s important to just take a step back, and remember that all of this, if you think about it, is kind of like video games. 

And that’s where Hard Drive comes in.

When the world needs to understand the complex issues of society, we’re here to remind you that it’s actually quite a bit like video games. Voting in a two-party system? That’s exactly like participating in the console war. And what about bipartisanship? Well that’s the same thing as Mario and Sonic agreeing to do the Olympics together. An international pandemic? Easy — that’s just like how when people spread all those spoilers about how Snape [redacted] Dumbledore in 2005. Climate change is underwater levels. Income inequality is loot boxes, maybe. That one might need a little work. Luckily, working on and improving your analogies is just like RPGs.

But isn’t this all a little glib?

Well, no. It’s… it’s actually not at all. What? Come on. Just cut it out. It’s not glib at all, it’s just — we’re not comparing the news to video games. We’re not filtering every single one of our life experiences through the language of nerd culture. The news is like video games lately, you have to admit. It’s just an objective truth that if you, like, stand back and take in everything that’s happening — like really looking at it as a whole* —  you begin to think, “Oh hey, all of this is just video games. Oh I know this, it’s video games. All of this is video games, really.”

At the end of the day, it’s vitally important to note that Hard Drive is an important news publication. We’re out here reporting the news the way that we see it: through video games. Remember that scene in 30 Rock where we see things through Kenneth’s eyes and suddenly everyone’s a Muppet? You’ve all seen 30 Rock, yes? Anyway that’s how we see the world. Except instead of Kenneth, we’re Hard Drive, and instead of people, we see news, and instead of puppets, we see gaming. No need to thank us. We’re just doing our job.

*like when you pull out your map in an open world video game to see where your objective is.

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