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My Girlfriend Assures Me That ‘Minit’ Is the Perfect Length of Time for Some Quick Fun

Trying to fit video games into relationships can always be tricky. Recently, I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend into Minit, as it’s my favorite video game, but I’ve been concerned that the indie adventure game published by Devolver Digital is not long enough to pleasure anyone. How could anyone enjoy playing a game that lasts just 60 seconds? 

However, I’m pleased to say, my girlfriend assures me that Minit is the perfect length of time for some quick fun, and she loves Minit just the way it is. Phew! If you’re concerned about showing Minit to your loved one for similar reasons, rest assured the best thing to do is just try it out, because sometimes it’s not the length of the game that matters — it’s how you play it.

In Minit, your character has exactly one minute to adventure before he finishes, due to his cursed sword. My girlfriend promises me that these minute-long escapades are extremely intense and satisfying. According to my girlfriend, Minit is actually much more fun than other video games that last longer and have better graphics because it has a great personality. 

When I started playing Minit, I was worried that I would never penetrate deeper into the game world because it ends so quickly. However, the game contains rest points that let you respawn in different locations, so you can keep the fun going on. My girlfriend told me I still might not be able to hit the bottom of the game world, but with the right equipment you can reach whatever spot you want. Personally, I prefer to simply run ahead and finish where I finish.

I, for one, think that the creators of Minit could experiment with even shorter games. For example, I believe that 38 seconds is an unexplored time frame that gamers would love if they gave it a chance. Maybe the timer could go down to 33 seconds if you haven’t played in a while, or up to 53 seconds if your character’s dog just died.

Regardless, Minit is a blast. I enjoyed every second I spent playing Minit, though I’m looking for a longer video game now. I have a lot of free time after my girlfriend left me because I cum soooooo quickly. I see one boob and I’m just done.

Would you believe this is sponsored by Devolver Digital? Yeah, they let us compare one of their games to premature ejaculation! (Shouts out if it took you until this sentence to get the joke). But just because we cum too fast, doesn’t mean the part about Minit being a great game is a joke. Check it out on Steam and see for yourself!

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