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‘McPixel 3’ Plot Praised for Finally Exploring McPixel’s Irish Heritage

IRELAND — Game developer Sos Sosowski is being praised by Irish cultural groups around the world for the recent release of McPixel 3, a game which finally explores the Irish heritage of its title character.

“For years we have yearned for more explanation about the origins of McPixel’s family name and the history that comes with it,” said president of Ireland Michael D. Higgins. “This above all else was the main feedback the public expressed after playing the original McPixel, and finally after a decade of anticipation, we are overjoyed that McPixel is finally getting in touch with his Irish roots.”

Irish gamers say that the news has encouraged them to more firmly embrace their own heritage.

“I’ve never experienced this kind of representation in games before,” said Séan McLanahan, a gamer of Irish descent. “I mean, there’s Moira from Overwatch, Patrick McCreary from Grand Theft Auto IV, and Anna and Nina Williams from Tekken, but that’s pretty much it. None of those characters spoke to me the way that the hilarious McPixel does, so I’m glad to know that his name wasn’t just some silly stylistic choice but a real reflection that he comes from the same background that I do. I’ve never been prouder to be Irish!”

Fans of the series say that they expected this development would eventually happen due to hints placed throughout the series.

“It’s been really clear from the beginning that McPixel is Irish,” said Rory Keene, a frequent contributor to the McPixel subreddit. “I mean, the way he impulsively kicks people in the crotch and constantly pees on things should have been a dead giveaway. It’s nice that they finally added this to the official canon, but the fan canon has been ahead of the curve for years.”

At press time, an emotional Michael D. Higgins announced that McPixel would be granted honorary Irish citizenship in recognition of his cultural contributions to the country.

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