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Developers Pick Out Best Graphic Tees for Game Awards Red Carpet

LOS ANGELES — Nominees and honored guests alike have been scouring their closets for the perfect t-shirt to wear on the red carpet before The Game Awards, industry sources confirm.

“It’s the biggest night of the year for these developers, so they want to look their best,” said Kip Harmon, a gaming industry fashion blogger. “The graphic tee represents the ultimate pairing of comfort and versatility. It goes with any bottoms, from sweatpants to jeans. You can wear it by itself if it’s warm out, or class it up with a blazer. Either way, you’ve got a billboard on your chest telling everyone that you love ‘Super Mario Bros. 3.’ And the best part is that graphic tees never have to be washed! They’re always ready to go, from right on top of the laundry pile.”

Gamers around the world were waiting with bated breath to see what looks their favorite developers would wear.

“I’m so excited! In my opinion, the red carpet is the real show,” said Rick Park, who said that the actual awards ceremony was too shallow and commercialized. “I take notes of everyone’s looks each year to keep track of who they’re wearing. You get a lot of Spencer’s and Gamestop, obviously, but you shouldn’t sleep on Target. There were a couple of bad years where half the attendees were wearing embarrassing Tee K.O. shirts, but that trend has mercifully died. The worst is when they just wear their own company’s swag. Boring!”

Some developers pushed back against the fashion trend, saying that it had become a harmful stereotype.

“I don’t understand why everyone does this,” said Tyler Glaiel, indie developer of “Closure” and “The End Is Nigh.” “I mean, you obviously end up with a ton of graphic tees when you work in this industry. And they are the perfect thing to wear when you’re sitting at a computer, coding all day. And I do love ‘Super Mario Bros. 3.’ But I’m not going to follow the crowd. I’m an individual who makes his own choices. That’s why I’ll be wearing a plain black t-shirt to The Game Awards.”

At press time, a harried and unkempt Todd Howard was seen sprinting into a local Hot Topic after losing his luggage on a flight from Maryland.

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