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Dave Matthews Band Reveals “Crash Into Me” Was Originally About Crash Bandicoot 2

SEATTLE — Musician Dave Matthews shocked fans and gamers alike today by revealing that his band’s breakthrough 1996 hit “Crash Into Me” was originally penned about Crash Bandicoot 2 on the PlayStation.

“We thought it was pretty obvious, frankly,” said Matthews in a newly published interview with Rolling Stone magazine. “The first [Crash Bandicoot game] had just come out, and I was just so excited for the second one. I couldn’t wait, frankly. In addition to becoming fixated on it, I also thought we might put ourselves in the best place to have that game’s equivalent of ‘Pac-Man Fever,’ but people just really didn’t make the connection and they largely thought the song was about some girl I wanted to have sex with.” 

Longtime fans of the band were largely surprised to hear the songwriter’s disclosure. 

“You’re shitting me,” said Ray McAlpine, a longtime fan of The Dave Matthews Band. “I’ve heard that song a million times, and hell, I’ve played that game a half dozen times, and I never made a single connection between the two. He’s singing about a girl hiking her skirt up and balls and chains and shit, what the fuck’s that got to do with Dr. Cortex and eating Wumpa Fruit?” 

Bandmates of Matthews were surprised at his admission, if not the information he divulged. 

“I told him years ago to keep that shit to himself,” said Carter Beauford, longtime drummer of The Dave Matthews Band. “He was obviously an exceptional singer and songwriter from the day I met him, but he was just writing way too many songs about Dig Dug and Burger Time. Shit like that. I said, ‘Hey Dave, keep it to yourself, pal.’ Looks like he forgot my advice if he’s started telling everyone what these songs are about. Pretty weird, right?” 

As of press time, Billy Corgan had confirmed that he wrote the song “Today,” about the day Earthworm Jim was released.