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Creepypasta About Haunted Video Game Just Someone Playing ‘Sonic Forces’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A controversial post at the top r/creepypasta has divided readers, some of whom believe that the details of the glitches encountered by the author, although bone-chilling, sound like a description of a typical experience playing the 2017 video game Sonic Forces.

“Yesterday at Gamestop, I discovered an unlabeled black Switch cartridge on sale for 13 dollars,“ began the post by u/JC_The_Hyena. “I started playing and made my own character who had my real name, which was probably a huge mistake. Not long afterwards my character fell through the floor into an empty void of nothingness and I was helpless to save them. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the game granted me mercy by crashing and restarting my Switch.” 

Commenters on r/creepypasta familiar with bugs in Sonic Forces were quick to diagnose the issue, asking admins to lock the thread on the grounds of its misleading title “There’s a Blurry Blue Monster In My TV And I Don’t Think I Can Outrun Him Forever.”

“This isn’t a real ghost story, that’s clearly just a description of the wall-clipping bugs in the waterfall level of Sonic Forces,” said one Redditor, who thanked us for the gold, but asked to remind a kind stranger. “Also I’m pretty sure someone just peeled the label off of the cartridge you bought, there should be nothing to worry about. I mean, except for everything about playing that game in the first place.”

At press time, JC_The_Hyena had reportedly left a follow-up comment with increasing certainty that he’d experienced a paranormal event after having to endure one of Sonic Forces’s incredibly buggy quicktime events.