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Creatively Bankrupt Man Also Regular Bankrupt

NEW YORK — A local fantasy writer has reported that he is all out of ideas as well as money, sources have confirmed. 

“Well it’s finally happened, I don’t have a penny to my name, and what’s worse, I haven’t the slightest fucking idea what to do about it,” said insolvent fantasy writer Shawn Goodstreet, who’s been suffering from writer’s block as well his lines of credit being blocked. “I can handle not being able to pay my bills, hell, that’s half of what being an artist is all about. But now that I’m devoid of ideas, I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do.” 

“Stare at the fucking wall where the couch used to be, I guess,” he added. 

Fans of Goodstreet’s claimed they could long tell he was losing inspiration. 

“I loved his first book, The Crystalwood Chronicles,” said Tonya Marshall, a one-time fan of Goodstreet’s novels. “But everything after that has been uninspired to say the least. I even tried to support the guy’s Patreon, but after a while it was just depressing videos of him eating breakfast and talking about movies he liked and basketball games he had watched the night before. No thanks, man. Unsubscribed. Good luck out there.” 

Artistic peers of the artist that’s broken in every way also confirmed that his current state was easily anticipated.  

“Honestly, surprised it didn’t happen sooner,” said Mary Washington, a fellow fantasy author, on Goodthorpe’s lack of any tangible relic of his prior success. “He’s been out of ideas for years, but somehow has managed to trick people into paying him to write his uninspired crap over and over. I swear, he’s written the same book about princes and dragons like five times before anyone caught on that it stunk in the first place.” As of press time, Goodstreet had announced a prequel to his first novel, The Crystalwood Chronicles: Chapter Zero: The Before Stuff.