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Call of Duty Fixes UI Problem by Adding Button That Opens Fortnite

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Activision has responded to complaints about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II UI by adding a button that opens up Fortnite instead.

“Players have been complaining to us quite a bit about the fact that it is incredibly difficult to navigate the Modern Warfare II menus and party up with your friends. Well we decided to finally add a button that makes it easier for you to do that, by opening up Fortnite instead,” said a post on the official Call of Duty blog today. “This new button will make it much easier to play with friends and even adds hundreds of cool new costumes like Goku and Master Chief. Not to mention cool challenges, weekly updates to the map, and fun little dances to do in-game.”

“If you don’t like that, well, sorry, but playing a game with a crappy UI that makes it impossible to navigate is the price you have to pay for playing a game for grown-ups,” the blog post continued. “Call of Duty is a war simulator and war is hell — right down to the fact that selecting games should feel like a shitty version of Hulu.”

Fans of the game had mixed responses to the new button.

“Finally a button that fixes all of my problems once and for all. No more struggling to join friends, no more swiping through menus, and no more grinding out games to get new parts for guns I want to try out,” said Twitter user Hal0suX94. “Plus, I’ve always wanted to be able to do Gangnam Style after getting a kill.”

“This is such fucking bullshit. I cannot even find where the button is! The system is still goddamn broken!!!!!” said Redditor Born2Chill66666. “FUCK ACTIVISION!!! I’M SO MAD I MIGHT PLAY FUCKING FORTNITE”

At press time, Activision engineers were trying to fix a glitch that made the “Open Up Fortnite” button just open up Call of Duty: Warzone.

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