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CD Projekt Red Clarifies That Any Racist Content Found in Cyberpunk Is Probably Just a Glitch

WARSAW — CD Projekt Red has confirmed that anything racist that players may find in their game Cyberpunk 2077 is probably just one of its countless glitches and definitely wasn’t put in there on purpose.

“Hoo boy, there sure are a lot of game-breaking glitches in the release of our game,” said Cyberpunk 2077 director Adam Badowski. “NPCs saying lines at the wrong time, characters falling through the floor of buildings, winning bets on fights giving you no money, and uh… really just anything that you find in the game that could be construed as racist or offensive in any way. Those are all glitches, for sure.”

“It’s crazy because you spend so much time trying to make sure that every little thing in the game works and then, ugh! You find out that, like, some really fucked up dialogue about crime statistics that’s maybe a dog whistle for a white supremacist talking point,” Badowski added. “And that’s… just a random text generator or something. That was supposed to be, you know, just a fun fact about dolphins or something. These damn glitches!”

Cyberpunk 2077 players have experienced a multitude of glitches, according to thousands of social media posts from those playing the game since it released last week.

“It really sucks to pay $60 for a AAA game and find out it barely functions,” said one viral Reddit post on the subject. “I’m playing on PS5 and the graphics are insanely bad. It looks like I’m playing on an Xbox 360. Plus, my character keeps doing this really weird glitch where he defends police officers and helps them on missions. What the fuck was up with that? It’s just totally game-ruining and I wish they spent a little more time working out the kinks.”

As of press time, after coming under fire for trying to blame any offensive content in Cyberpunk, Badowski clarified that he must have “glitched out” and actually meant to post a screenshot of an apology he wrote in his Notes app.

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