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Hideki Kamiya Announces Emotional Departure From Platinum Games That We Can’t Read Because We’re Blocked

OSAKA — In a shocking turn of events, prolific game director and Platinum Games’ co-founder Hideki Kamiya announced this morning that he will no longer be with the company as of next month, or at least that’s what we’re led to believe because he has us blocked.

“This is a surprising change for our company and for the industry in general,” stated Atsushi Inaba, the current CEO of Platinum Games. “I mean, at least I think so. He has me blocked too, so I’m honestly a little in the dark on whether or not he’s still an employee of ours.”

Fan outcry across the internet ran rampant after the announcement was allegedly made public.

“Oh no, I think,” said twitter user BayonettaFan93. “This is a potentially big blow to my favorite video game developers. No one else understands the raw sexual appeal of an action heroine with large boots perfect for being stepped on quite like Hideki Kamiya. I wish I could have conveyed that to him before he blocked me for whatever reason.”

Hideki Kamiya personally responded to one of our burner accounts when reached out for comment on the news.

“Go ask your mom,” said Kamiya.

At press time, Hideki Kamiya may or may not have announced his plans moving forward, though unblocked sources who could confirm this grow more limited by the hour.