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Player Who Bought Baldur’s Gate 3 on Release Date Just About Ready to Progress Past Character Creator

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. — 29-year old PC gamer, Lilly Alvarez, announced she is almost ready to lock in her character for her first playthrough of the critically acclaimed RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3. Alvarez first purchased the dungeon crawler on its release date of August 3rd of this year and has 80 hours already logged to its menus.

“I’m such a D&D nerd and I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life for a game like this,” said Alvarez while hovering her mouse over the continue button on the character creation page. “I just want to make sure my hero is perfect. I already know I’m going to romance Astarion so I probably shouldn’t be a rogue. Maybe a spellcaster then? I think I’ll definitely play a tiefling though. I hear they’re a big part of act one. Gotta be a tiefling. Or maybe a drow.”

While many players have already begun and finished second and third playthroughs, Alvarez insists on making her first Tav perfect before unleashing it upon the Nautiloid.

“I’m not sure if I prefer a Greying Intensity of 41 or 42. Hmm. Decisions, decisions…” Alvarez mumbled to herself before humming along to Down by the River.

At press time, Alvarez finally hit ‘Proceed’ to be greeted by the guardian character creator and has confirmed she’ll only spend a few more months there before venturing forth.