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Back 4 Blood Zombie Claims He Was Just Saying “Dinger”

POST-APOCALYPTIC DENVER — A Back 4 Blood zombie accused of saying a horrific racial slur this week now claims that he was actually trying to get the attention of his friend, a fellow zombie known as Dinger.

“Yeah, uh, I saw the video of me going viral saying what sounds like the n-word. Holy shit, so embarrassing. What you can’t tell is that, uh, just off-screen is my buddy Dinger, who is also a zombie. I was just trying to get his attention so that I could say hi,” said the zombie in question. “I know this sounds like a stretch, but I’m just trying to get my job back in the game because it’s actually really hard to get work as a zombie.”

Despite the apology, some fans were not impressed.

“This motherfucker clearly saw the news about the Rockies fan and just tried to hop on the same train,” said a fan on Twitter. “We see through your shit, you fucking zombie. This is why we have to shoot you in the head!”

At press time, the zombie in question was apparently hired by a group of nazi zombies in Call of Duty who were impressed by his tact.

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