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Sorry Our ‘Armored Core 6’ Review is So Late: We Got Real Busy Making Decals

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the latest game from beloved gaming company FromSoftware, and the first mech game from the company in almost ten years. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the game, as well as reviews of it from their favorite gaming publications. We at Hard Drive are totally planning on doing one still, but we just got really distracted by making sick-ass decals.

There is a lot to like in this game. From the get-go, you are tasked with piloting an Armored Core, a ten-meter-high conglomeration of metal and weapons that’s perfect for displaying pictures of random things you thought of while high at 2 a.m. The ‘Daddy’s Girl’ image above, for instance, was created in AC6’s Image Editor and is currently being used as the emblem for a mech. How awesome/terrifying/confusing is that? Imagine coming across a mech with that emblazoned on their chest; you have no idea whether to applaud them, be angry, or run in fear. 

My suburban-ska-punk-with-four-legs mech rockin’ some decals

Fires of Rubicon has a lot of moments like this where inspiration for an awesome decal design can strike. For instance, early on you’re battling a helicopter five times your size. In traditional FromSoft fashion, defeating it is necessary to move on to the important part of the game, because you unlock the Image Editor after you beat it. As I was slamming my electric blade into the cockpit to deal the final blow, I thought “What would my mech look like if I bought it at a discount from Toys R Us?” Now I have this decal on the back of my Core:

The most important aspect of a  mech game like this is customization, which you won’t have to worry about here. Decals can have up to 100 layers, and you can choose from a wide variety of clip art and text (which has multiple fonts) with pretty decent editing tools, or you can use pre-made decals that are cool on their own. I assume there’s also plenty of guns, legs, and other parts to change up your mechs, but none of that matter since you can make your giant robot’s emblem look like it’s for sale at a head shop next to some incense.

There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to AC6, including whether or not this is made for new fans or old die-hards, or whether the sense of exploration from the Souls games is still here in a game that’s strictly mission-based. None of that matters since I’ll be spending the next few hours trying to improve on my awesome Viking dinosaur. So again, sorry for the delay. Our Armored Core 6 review is, uh, coming soon, I guess. 

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