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Top 40 LEGO Sets to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Hey, we heard you were getting married. Congratulations! As your wedding approaches, you’re going to hear lots of metaphors for the intense bond that you and your partner have decided to make: getting hitched, tying the knot, taking the plunge. All of those metaphors suck. In a good marriage, you and your partner’s souls will be joined so tightly that you would need a special tool to separate them — just like LEGOs. And what better way to celebrate that connection than by filling your wedding registry with expensive LEGO sets? Check out the list below for our personal suggestions (and click on the name of the set to buy it for anyone you know that’s about to get married)!

Nightmare Shark Ship 

No home should be without a Nightmare Shark Ship. Honestly, you should have received this as an engagement or housewarming gift already, but I’ve included it on this list in case your family and friends dropped the ball.

Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House

Now you own that bastard raccoon’s shop! You can charge him whatever you want for his mortgage while playing nice all the while. He’ll never know what hit him.

3-in-1 Magical Castle

Let’s assume you’re a Disney adult weirdo — and hey, you clicked a link about putting LEGO sets on your wedding registry, so that’s not an unreasonable assumption — this set gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to versatility. It’s not the grandest, and it’s not the cheapest, but it has multiple configurations and comes with minifigs. That’s some good wedding registry fodder.

Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone

You probably played this level more times than any other video game stage in your entire life. It deserves to be immortalized atop a dusty bookshelf in the corner of your home office.

Spider-Ham Keychain

Hey, the registry can’t be all high-ticket items. You need to start thinking practically. You’re going to be married soon.

Temple of the Golden Idol

It’s just like the live stunt show at Disney World! Except it’s tiny and plastic and if you want to record it you’ll need to do it in stop motion. Also Disney will probably send you a cease and desist if you try.

Ski and Climbing Center

This feels like a wonderful relic from the 90s. It’s so unabashedly extreme. Maybe if you buy it, you will be returned to your childhood and can avoid making all those mistakes you’ve made in your life. Those terrible, terrible mistakes.

LEGO Large Creative Brick Box

Look, there’s no blueprints or instructions for a marriage. It’s all about working together with your partner, creating a shared vision, and building the life you both want…brick by brick.

LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler

It’s not the coolest Batmobile, for sure, but it’s still pretty goddamn cool. Also, it might be the set with the most trademarked terms in its title, which is neat.

T. rex Breakout

This is a set for serious film buffs. It has nothing to do with the fact that dinosaurs are fucking rad. They’re just so goddamn cool, but the reason you should want this set is that Spielberg created a masterpiece. God, that T. rex is so sick.

Death Star

Slightly less cool than it used to be due to its crass use as product placement in a Marvel movie, I am forced to admit that it’s still pretty rad. Unfortunately, the set has been retired, so it’s a long shot. Maybe one of your relatives goes to a lot of tag sales.

Rocket Launch Center

I think this is an important set that every American should own for educational purposes. If we lose this knowledge, Elon will have us in the palm of his hand.

Street Skate Park

You should get this set to see if it will work with Tech Decks, then realize you got rid of all your Tech Decks twenty years ago, then go out and buy some Tech Decks, then be disappointed when they’re way too big for this set. Still, we have to honor the joining of the Hawk and Cobain families somehow.

Police Training Academy

Did you ever dream of building a police force that the Brickster couldn’t escape from, even if he ordered a spicy pizza? You know, a crack team that you wouldn’t need to lead around with donuts. Tell your betrothed that this will finally make you whole. 

Arctic Explorer Kit

I would rank this kit higher if not for the mediocre depiction of what I must assume is supposed to be a North Atlantic Type 1 Killer Whale. The proportions aren’t unreasonable, and the slant of the eye patch is a dead giveaway for a Type 1 when considered alongside the kit’s stated geographic region, but the odd dorsal fin and total lack of saddle patch are, frankly, unacceptable. Do better, LEGO.

Hogwarts Castle

Okay, I know. I don’t want to financially support Rowling, plus I was already sick of the Wizarding World before she revealed herself as a bigot. This is just one of the best castle sets out there. You can specify on your registry that this set should be bought used only, then pretend it’s just some generic castle. It’s a win-win!


Your spouse wants to do a tour of Europe for your honeymoon, but you want to go to a nice, warm beach. Putting this model on your registry could be a great compromise!

Boutique Hotel

If Wes Anderson owned a LEGO set, it would be this one. You want to be like Wes Anderson, don’t you? I know you do. I’ve seen your terrible TikTok “tributes.”

Optimus Prime

To be frank, he deserves a presence at your nuptials. He was your first experience with death, after all. Two shall stand, and two shall continue standing — in holy matrimony.

Ghostbusters ECTO-1

If you want to spice it up for the occasion, you could tie little LEGO cans to the rear bumper. That would be a great way to spend the morning before your wedding! Your future spouse would surely appreciate such a touching gesture.

Haunted House

If you’re embarrassed to put LEGO sets on your registry, you could disguise this one by just listing a donation fund for you and your partner to buy a house. It’s technically not a lie, and those kinds of technicalities are the foundation of a good marriage.

Loop Coaster

All your life, they told you that only K’NEX could build a functional roller coaster. They deceived you. What else have they lied about? Could marriage itself be an outdated institution that doesn’t match the realities of how people and relationships evolve over time? You’ll need to pass through this crucible before you say your vows.

Jazz Club

Getting married proves it: you’re an adult. You like jazz, right? You want everyone to think you like jazz?

Galaxy Explorer

Remember how funny Charlie Day was in The Lego Movie as the old-school astronaut? This is basically like that. If you have this set, you’ll be as funny as Charlie Day.

The Friends Apartments

What an excellent tribute to the popular sitcom. The designers truly thought of everything. It even has the…canoe? Oh, I guess it was in that one episode. Hey, at least you have a canoe piece now.

Bonsai Tree

In many ways, a bonsai tree is just like marriage: it requires daily care and maintenance, as well as the understanding that you must change your own expectations to allow another living being to grow to its fullest potential. It is an ongoing process that takes years of conscious, meticulous, slow work. Or you can skip all of that and build one out of LEGOs.

PAC-MAN Arcade

I don’t know, maybe you met at a barcade or something? Or even went there for a date? Look, man, I can’t perfectly justify all of these. Do you want the LEGO PAC-MAN machine or not?

LEGO Titanic

This might seem a bit too portentous to make an appropriate wedding gift, but think of the upside. At first glance, this one won’t even look like a LEGO set. People will think you do real models, like a grown-up.

Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion

Listen, I get it. This isn’t a great castle set. It’s not even the best Mario castle set. But if you want Cat Peach — and I know you do — then you’ll have to put this on the registry.

Nintendo Entertainment System

If your partner balks at putting the LEGO NES on your wedding registry, gently remind them that, when you adjust for inflation, the original system retailed for over $400. When you consider that, this set is a downright bargain.

Spider-Man Final Battle

Your guests might not be immediately inclined to buy you a Marvel-themed LEGO set, but they’ll change their mind when they realize that it includes three different Spider-Man minifigs. Not even Scorsese could pass that up.


Technically, this set hasn’t been released yet, so you can’t put it on your registry. This is more of a personal request. Please buy me this LEGO set when it comes out next summer. Really, I just got married in October. Be a pal.

The Office

This is a good one to include if you want to guarantee that you get at least one LEGO set. If there is an Office-themed gift on your registry, a boomer relative will buy it for you. Several others will approach you at the reception to tell you how disappointed they were that someone else bought it for you first.

Gift Card

Let’s not overthink this. Some of your guests are going to panic at the last second and realize that they forgot to buy you a gift. They won’t have time to scroll through a long list of LEGO sets, searching for the perfect one. Make it easy for them and put LEGO gift cards right at the top of your registry.

The Red Barn

Even if you’re not a Minecraft fan, the aesthetic is so similar to standard LEGO that no one has to know that it’s a licensed product. You could easily trick them into thinking it’s a normal barn, just like farmers have tricked people into thinking that normal barns are fancy wedding venues.

Holiday Main Street

Hey, nobody made fun of your grandma for “wasting her time playing with toys” when she put out her Dickens Village every Christmas. This is essentially the same thing, but with LEGO. Logically, if you buy this set, no one is allowed to make fun of you.

MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor

As I’ve already said, marriage is work. Luckily, with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor, you can automate a great deal of that work. From a back massager, to a beverage fetcher, to a robot vacuum that picks up your LEGOs, the Robot Inventor kit has it all. It can shoulder some of your marital burden, giving you more time to build LEGO robots. Isn’t that what marriage is all about?

Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch

Listen, I’m not a huge Avatar fan. It was a fun theater experience, but I’m not exactly itching to add a Na’vi minifig to my collection. That said, this set is probably the closest thing to Bionicle that you can buy in 2023. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

Millennium Falcon

It’s the ultimate Star Wars LEGO set. You’ve probably wanted one since the first version was released in 2000. Since then, there have been several updates. Unlike literally everything else on this wretched, dying planet, the LEGO Millennium Falcon kits just keep getting better. The most recent Ultimate Collector edition had more pieces than any other LEGO set in history at the time of its release. It would make a fine dowry.


I’ve hyped up a lot of LEGO kits throughout this article. I’ve mentioned the versatility of certain sets beyond their intended use. I’ve brought up their value as display pieces. I’ve personally begged you to buy them for me. This set leaves them all in the dust. You could put this on any bookshelf or coffee table in America and it would immediately be the coolest thing in the room. I’m not unreasonable; I don’t expect you to buy me any of the sets on this list. Except for this one. Please.