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‘One Piece’ Villains Ranked By How Likely They Are To Review Bomb The Netflix Series

Based on the anime and manga of the same name, Netflix’s One Piece has finally been released. And you know what? This live-action adaptation ain’t half bad. Matter of fact, it’s pretty darn good, against all odds. Creator Eiichiro Oda made sure that all of the charm and heart of the original series came through in this new iteration. You’d have to be a real villain to hate on it, so here are the greatest villains from throughout One Piece ranked by how likely they are to review bomb the series.

#20 — Buggy the Clown

Obviously Buggy is going to love the live-action Netflix One Piece. He gets even more screen time than in the source material, and his portrayal by Jeff Ward is a crown jewel of the entire show. Buggy’s an expert at “failing upwards” and there’s no better example of that than a Netflix live-action adaptation actually being watchable.

#19 — Big Mom

There’s nothing that stay-at-home moms love more than binging Netflix. It doesn’t really matter what it is, Big Mom will watch it. Granted she won’t be in the series for quite some time if it gets greenlit for another season (or ten) but you better believe she’s at home right now binging the whole thing along with a tub of chocolate chip ice cream.

#18 — Crocodile

People really misread Crocodile and take him for being a bit of an erudite snob, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Crocodile spends a lot of his downtime watching reality TV, so a Netflix adaptation of One Piece surely wouldn’t be above his taste standards. He even liked that awful Death Note movie they put out a handful of years ago. Remember that? “Normal people scare me”? There’s no way this will miss the mark for him.

#17 — Aokiji

Kuzan, otherwise known as marine admiral Aokiji, claims to have enjoyed the live-action adaptation of One Piece, but can’t remember a single thing about it. He obviously slept through the entire thing and doesn’t want to be embarrassed, so he’ll just keep saying generic statements like “yeah it was good! Loved every episode,” and leave it at that.

#16 — Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri’s hard-ass exterior only masks his sweet and sensitive interior. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but he cried several times while binging the live-action Netflix series. Oh, you think that’s ridiculous, don’t you? Whatever man, if you watch Sanji’s backstory and don’t feel anything, you’re absolutely heartless.

#15 — Kizaru

This Adam-Sandler-In-Uncut-Gems look alike would watch the live action adaptation of One Piece and like it, but not totally love it. Maybe the CGI was a little too “uncanny valley” for him, maybe there were one too many Garp scenes, I don’t know. He didn’t come away from it offended by it. He just didn’t fully “get” it. And that’s fine. I guess.

#14 — Kaido

Kaido doesn’t care what’s on TV whether it’s Fox News or Netflix. He’s usually passed out in his recliner chair with a beer in hand, and whatever’s on TV just kinda plays endlessly in the background for hours. This so-called “strongest creature on the planet” would rather drown his sorrows in liquor than pay attention to 8 episodes of swashbuckling action packed adventure.

#13 — Alvida

Alvida is the first antagonist in One Piece, and as such, she appears front and center in episode one. She’s more or less what you would call a “tutorial boss” of the series, and is quickly pushed out of the way to make room for more memorable villains and characters. No doubt she’s going to have an issue with that on some level, but appreciates the attention just enough to probably not leave a negative review on Rotten Tomatoes.

#12 — Kuma

Kuma is a man of few words. It’s hard to tell how he feels about much of anything, let alone a live-action adaptation of a long running Japanese manga series. It’s probably just gonna bounce off of him like everything else, and that’s just too bad really.

#11 — Smoker

If season two happens, and knowing Netflix, it could really go either way despite how popular it may be, Smoker knows that his moment to shine is coming soon. He might be disappointed to see so many other Marines get screen time in season one, and think that it messes with the pacing and, well, I’d have to agree. But if he sticks it out, he’ll no doubt be very impressed and get the attention he rightfully deserves.

#10 — Kuro

One of the more forgotten villains from throughout all of One Piece, Kuro will no doubt appreciate his inclusion in this Netflix series, but will maybe feel that sting of knowing that if this series gets popular enough, he’s probably not going to appear again. He might want to see the show “end on a high note” (in his opinion) tragically ending with only one season, but a season that is “Kuro-filled”, at the very least.

#9 — Arlong

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would Arlong even consider review bombing Netflix’s One Piece? He’s got more screen time than you could shake three swords at.” While this is true, Arlong tends to be a bit of a purist. He understands that while this is an adaptation that is meant to fit the storytelling structure of an American television drama a la Game of Thrones, sometimes that can feel a bit forced, and that some of the Arlong “B-plots” might have been a little superfluous. And you know what? He’s not even wrong. Props to him for being unopinionated about this too.

#8 — Rob Lucci

Despite being against piracy in every sense of the word, Rob Lucci pirated the entire first season of One Piece because Netflix turned off password sharing. Previously he was able to watch everything on a joint account with the rest of the Cipher Pol members, so he’s liable to leave a bunch of negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes just to spite Netflix. But please, Rob, don’t blame One Piece for Netflix’s boneheaded moves. It’s not their fault. All the streaming services are basically evil.

#7 — Caesar Clown

Caesar is going to watch season one of One Piece and be like, “okay, but is there going to be enough ‘clown’ left for me?” Buggy takes up a more significant role in this season, and naturally Caesar is going to worry that it might overshadow his appearance much further down the line if they ever get to it. Then again, who knows if Netflix will even be around by then at this rate.

#6 — Don Krieg

Listen, Don Krieg may not be the most memorable villain from throughout all of One Piece, but my guy really got the shaft here! “Sure,” you may say, “at least he was included at all.” I mean, hardly! Pushing him out of the way in lieu of even more Arlong scenes just felt wrong. And no doubt he’s going to feel he got the shaft here too and take it out by being really toxic on social media.

#5 — Blackbeard

Marshall D. Teach, otherwise known as the dreadful pirate Captain Blackbeard… is an absolute troll. If people like this show, he’s going to review bomb it. If people hate this show, he’s going to sing its praises up on high. It really depends on the general consensus as it comes in over time, but right now people seem to like it quite a bit, so Blackbeard is probably going to hate on it just to be an annoying contrarian.

#4 — Donquixote Doflamingo

If Doflamingo’s Letterboxd account is anything to go by, he is not going to like this series. This kind of stuff is beneath him, quite frankly. A shonen anime adapted into a TV show for a streaming service watched by normies? That’s like poison to his ears. He’s no doubt going to write an ironically detached negative review of it online, and his sycophantic followers will echo his opinion wherever they can.

#3 — Enel

You might not know it by looking at him, but Enel is actually super pro-union. He stands with the actors and writers currently striking on the picket lines, and knows that Netflix has been giving them the raw end of the deal for far, far too long. Knowing that Netflix will profit immensely from this, and that the people who actually made the show will see so little of that money just pisses him off enough that he might make an hour-long video essay titled “Netflix’s One Piece: A Cinematic FAILURE”.

#2 — Akainu

“They made who black?!? That’s it, Netflix has gone woke.” Yeah, we all knew this type of guy was coming. Despite the fact that series creator Eiichiro Oda has publicly stated the ethnicities that many of the characters are based on, and had a heavy hand in who got casted for which role, Akainu will still cry out that it’s liberal propaganda. So you can bet he’s going to negatively review it on every single outlet possible. Even Yelp, for some reason.

#1 — Gecko Moria

One Piece is unadaptable into live-action!” they cried out. “Netflix should never touch another anime again!” they all said. And yet, Netflix’s One Piece stands triumphant, albeit over a very, very low bar of success. Sure, some of the CGI can look a little “uncanny valley” from time to time, like some of Luffy’s rubber abilities. So with that being said, Gecko Moria is already review bombing this series to high hell, knowing that there is absolutely no way he’s going to look good in live action if they ever get to Thriller Bark. I mean, look at him. How in god’s name is that going to work. He’ll never survive the public embarrassment!