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Everything We Know About Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Everyone is excited to get into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 following the big 11-minute video at the PlayStation Showcase! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming game:

It’s the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 1

Look, we said everything we know, OK?

Black Suit Spider-Man is in it

Not to be confused with Black Person Spider-Man, who is also in it

Peter’s voice is deeper now

We don’t know if it’s because of the symbiote or he’s evil now or he’s trying to seem sexier or something, but he’s definitely doing something with his voice. And honey, it’s WORKING.

They glide now?!

They glide now.

There will be an hour-long segment where you play as Mary Jane with a camera

Gotta play the hits, baby!

Insomniac mo-capped the real Spider-Man for the game

Players will notice the weight and realism to the game’s movement and combat thanks to motion capture footage from the actual Spider-Man

Crime in NYC is at an all-time high

With the constant onslaught of goons and supervillains fighting against both Spider-Men, it’s safe to say that we need to drastically increase the amount of money going to police officers who hang out on the subway harassing poor people.

Nothing is permanent

Despite the game’s lengthy single-player campaign and likely DLC, eventually your body will wither and decay, as you return to the dust from whence you came

Spider-Man’s hilarious quips will come from a place of insecurity

Insomniac has confirmed that the iconic webslinger’s insults and zingers stem from an internal self-doubt that he projects onto other people.

The Kosciuszko Bridge will be in it

This one isn’t confirmed at all, we’re just hoping we can will it into existence by saying it here. Kosciuszko, baby!!! Let’s fuckin go!!!!!

You can make Spider-Man meal prep

To save time during the busy crime-fighting missions of the game, the sequel will allow you to meticulously plan out Peter Parker’s meals a week in advance in a thorough minigame.

It will only be on the PS5

Uhhh unless you really want it to be on PS4?? Oh my god we are so sorry it’s not on there too, fixing that rn

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