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“How’d You Know I Live by a Train Yard?” Our Interview with Ryan Gosling

From Drive to Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling has been the envy of socially awkward guys for over a decade. We spoke to the actor to learn more about life, his recent work, and what we can do to be more like him.

 Hey Ryan, great to meet you! Do you mind if we scoot closer to you on the seat here?

I’d prefer it if you didn’t.

You started acting at a young age on The Mickey Mouse Club, do you still keep in touch with any of the other future celebrities from the show?

Me and Donald Duck still meet up for drinks a few times a year to discuss philosophy.

Did you ever get to meet R.L. Stine while filming your Goosebumps episode?

Yes, he let me touch his mole.

What’s your greatest fear?

Missing one of the Gosling family’s famous fried spider dinners!

You learned to play piano and tap dance for La La Land, have you picked up any other skills from your past projects?

I now know how to drive.

Have you kept any cool props from movie sets you’ve worked on?

They let me keep the $47 million bonus from credit default swap sales my character made in The Big Short.

What are some of our favorite movies?

I’m sorry, “our?”

Is there ever gonna be a Nice Guys sequel?

If it will get you people to stop asking about it.

How was working with Harrison Ford on Blade Runner 2049?

He’s a legend, on and off of set. I loved running lines with him before shoots and he loved running plots to kill George Lucas by me.

How did you prepare for your role in Barbie?

I sealed myself in a plastic box among the aisles of Target until I was purchased.

How much of the Ken character came from your own personality?

The giant lightning car is my daily driver.

What’s Margot Robbie like?


Do you have any good anecdotes from the Barbie set?

Michael Cera ate my BLT from the breakroom fridge. He tried to play it off like it was a mistake but my lunchbag has my initials monogrammed on it so I know he was just trying to get under my skin.

Your song “I’m Just Ken” also charted on the Billboard Hot 100, did you expect the song to resonate with so many people?

No, not at all. But then again I thought a bunch of songs about ghosts, ghouls, and werewolves would make me a rockstar, just shows what I know about music.

It was just announced that you and Margot Robbie are involved in an Oceans 11 prequel, anything you can tell us about the project?

Margot and I will be playing professional criminals breaking into a high security bank to steal the pens they have chained to the desk.

Do you wanna hang out sometime? Give us your number and we can go to that train yard by your house and throw rocks at the cars or whatever the cool guys do.

How’d you know I live by a train yard? This is making me uncomfortable.

If you weren’t a famous actor, what do you think you’d do instead?

Love. Passionately.

Ever have any crazy fan experiences?

I think I’m having one right now.

Do you have any advice for all the young actors out there who look up to you?

Just be yourself!

And do you have any advice for all the grown men out there who look up to you?

Just be yourself!