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“Everything Tastes Like Felt And Fur,” Our Interview With Arlo

We spoke with YouTuber, tastemaker, and blue hand puppet Arlo to talk about making videos, playing video games, and the undeniable power of complaining.

Did it hurt when your soul got bonded to this puppet body?

“The pain was honestly indescribable, but I have to say that honestly? This just feels right. Yeah, this is how it should have been all along. And the ladies? Ohh, they love the delicate touch of my blue fur.”

Your channel has single-handedly proven that complaining works. New Pikmin, new Metroid, new Paper Mario– think you could get the government to give us free healthcare?

“Hey, I only talk about video games for a living, I’m not a miracle worker.”

I know every Nintendo YouTuber is talking about this already, but will the next Switch be released soon?

“Yes, it’s coming. Or maybe it’s not coming. On one hand I can see why someone would say it is coming, but then also I can totally see why it wouldn’t be. I could talk about this back and forth for 45 minutes. Matter of fact, I should be recording this.”

Who are some YouTubers that you look up to?

“Let’s see, probably the Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, and Cookie Monster. Oh wait.”

What made you want to start your YouTube channel?

“Spite, mostly. And hatred. And vitriol. For Paper Mario: Color Splash.”

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

“Everything tastes like felt and fur to me these days, honestly.”

Has your channel endured any major controversies?

“I mean, I think I said I didn’t like one of the new Pokémon games once. After that, someone in the comments said they were going to hunt me for sport. Hopefully that’s over now.”

What do you think of the fan lore that has sprouted up around your channel? 

“People are creating these fan characters and fan theories surrounding me, like I have an evil twin or something– but what they don’t realize is that I’ve been the evil one this whole time. The good Arlo is an Xbox-loving jock who never complains about anything!”

How do you feel looking back on the many prediction videos on your channel?

“Honestly, I’ve given up trying to understand the ‘how’ or ‘why’ or ‘whatever’ surrounding Nintendo. I think I’m not going to put up any prediction videos anymore, because they must watch those and then do the opposite for some reason. Yep, just complaining instead from here on out.”

Speaking of, how do you think this interview is going so far?

“Horrible! Terrible! Not enough questions about Muppets!”

Okay, fine. Is it true that you were rejected from the Muppets for being a gamer?

“More or less, yeah. Really though I just think Kermit’s more of a Sony fanboy at the end of the day.”

If Pikmin were real, would you order them around like slaves?

“Yes, absolutely. I’d lie back on my couch and have them fetch me berries and grapes and do my evil bidding.”

Do you consider Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel a threat to your career?

“Nah, not at all. He may have the experience and know-how, but he’s got none of that trademark Arlo rizz. Also he doesn’t complain enough.”

Is it true that you didn’t like the new Sonic movie because you are a Nintendo fanboy?

“What? No! I play other games besides Nintendo. Elden Ring was my game of the year last year. I just thought it was an awful movie that wasn’t as good as the Mario movie because Mario rules, Sonic drools!!”

Sometimes I still call Tears of the Kingdom ‘Breath of the Wild 2’ because of you.

“You’re welcome!”

How do you feel about video essays becoming the dominant type of content on YouTube?

“I think it’s great! Many more people are able to earn a living wage complaining about video games on the internet. It really helps boost the economy, actually.”

What are your hopes and dreams for the next Nintendo console?

“Buttons, the controller’s definitely gotta have buttons. And a control stick. Ya gotta have that. Also, they absolutely need to revive every dead IP that’s been left sitting dormant for ages. Come on guys, if we complain enough, I know we can get a new open-world Ice Climbers game!”

If you could talk about anything on your channel besides video games, what would it be?

“I would probably be a YouTube drama bro and hate my life for it.”

What is the hardest part about being a YouTuber?

“Definitely the editing. Thankfully I’ve been able to delegate that responsibility to other members of the team recently. My Tears of the Kingdom review is looking pretty long but we’re working on shortening it down to a tight five and a half hours.”

Any big plans coming up?

“What, you mean like, later today? Yeah, I was thinking of eating a big sandwich. Yep, a big, flavorless sandwich that I can’t taste anymore since I’m a puppet boy. Maybe that’s why I feel the need to complain so much. But hey, if we all benefit from it then who can can really complain? It’s kinda beautiful when you think about it.”