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Chainsaw Man Characters Ranked By How Fun They’d Be On A Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to explore the countryside on your own four wheels and see the sights with your own two eyes. They’re even better with some good friends or companions, though that can be a pretty important decision to make, as they can be long and excruciating affairs if you pick the wrong crew. Here are some of the most prominent Chainsaw Man characters ranked by how much fun they’d be on a road trip.

#26 — Katana Man

He’s a dick who won’t stop complaining about his dead grandpa. When he asks you to pull over so he can take a leak, hit the gas and drive off without him. And never look back.

#25 — Bat Devil

He’s huge, he sheds, and he’s constantly hogging the aux cable. Don’t bring Bat Devil along unless you really like “electro swing,” whatever that is.

#24 — Cosmo

All she can say is “Halloween”. That’s going to get old after a while.

#23 — Gun Devil

Do I really need to explain how bad of an idea this is? I guess if you get carjacked he’s good for self-defense, but generally a pretty loose cannon. He’s literally a giant hair trigger.

#22 — Akane Sawatari

Akane is a bit of a snake and generally untrustable. She made a contract with the Snake Devil, after all. Don’t be surprised if some of your quarters are missing from the dashboard when you get back from the bathroom.

#21 — Hirokazu Arai

This guy’s a total stick in the mud. He’ll constantly be keeping an eye on the speedometer, making sure you don’t go over. “Whoa buddy, do you really need to go 50 in a 45 zone? What’s the rush?” Total boy scout.

#20 — Reze

This chick is a walking red flag, and can be a little explosive if you catch her in the wrong mood. Who knows what could happen if you bring her along, but it’s sure to keep things interesting and lively anyway.

#19 — Makima

Speaking of red flags… Makima is going to try to dictate every decision you make and control every aspect of your travel plans. But uh, maybe she’s into you?

#18 — Beam

His head turns into a giant shark sometimes. That’s going to be a problem.

#17 — Yutaro Kurose

He’s usually with Michiko so they’re going to be a package deal.

#16 — Michiko Tendo

She’s usually with Yutaro so they’re going to be a package deal.

#15 — Fami

She’s the Famine Devil, so naturally she’s going to eat all the snacks in the car. The closest convenience store is off the next exit and that’s apparently… 40 miles away. Thanks a lot, Fami.

#14 — Aki Hayakawa

Listen, Aki is super chill, but he’s not the best conversationalist. He’s also constantly wanting to stop for smokes, too, which is going to add a lot of time to the trip. Don’t be surprised if you end up at your destination a day or so late if you bring Aki.

#13 — Kishibe

Kishibe is absolutely going to be trashed the whole time, so he could never help out and take the wheel when you’re tired of driving. He’s cool to talk to at least, and he’s got a lot of wild stories to tell.

#12 — Hirofumi Yoshida

It’s hard to get a read on this guy, but he seems to be pretty chill with you, so I guess that’s good? He’s also got a contract with the Octopus Devil, which… isn’t very helpful, but it’s also not a deterrent either.

#11 — Denji

Ah yes, we’re finally at Denji. He’s generally up for anything, and even has the power to become Chainsaw Man, who’s so popular there’s even a church dedicated to him– but nobody even knows his name! “He just like you FR!” Just don’t expect his broke-ass to pitch in for gas.

#10 — Falling Devil

You can count on the Falling Devil to bring some good food for the road, but every once in a while it’s a guy’s head or something. No thanks.

#9 — Power

Power is “kind of a lot” for some people. She’s loud, she’s demanding, and she says what’s on her mind. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as you’ll never have to guess what she’s thinking if she gets really quiet in the car sometimes. Just let her sleep.

#8 — Quanxi

Quanxi will agree to come along, but will always ask if she can bring her harem of Fiends along. They’re a pretty fun bunch, but you might not have enough seats in the car to accommodate everyone.

#7 — Asa Mitaka

Asa can be a bit of a downer until you get to know her better. She might not say much for the first few hours of the drive, and can even seem a little judgmental, but just give her some time to open up and you’ll be good buddies by the end of the trip. Side note: if she ever gets a little moody, keep in mind that she’s possessed by the War Devil sometimes.

#6 — Angel Devil

He’s generally pretty easy to talk to and willing to tag along for just about anything, but he’s got kind of a guilt complex. His apologies can become a little tiring, even if he means well. It’s fine that you spilled your soda, dude. That was 9 hours ago. Let’s move on.

#5 — Galgali

Even though Galgali is technically the Violence Fiend, he’s super polite and straightforward. Seriously, you put this guy in a car with a complete stranger, and they’ll have exchanged phone numbers to text each other by the end of it.

#4 — Kobeni Higashiyama

Let’s be honest: Kobeni is a total spaz. But she can provide her own car if needed, and will even drive the entire time. She says it puts her at ease, so you can just kick your feet back and relax the whole time until someone accidentally cuts her off in traffic.

#3 — Future Devil

The Future Devil is a great travel planner. Seriously, he knows exactly what’s going to happen, and will tell you if there’s anything fun going on in cities along the way. He’s also basically a living breathing GPS, and a generally fun guy! Missed your exit? No worries- Future Devil’s got you covered.

#2 — Himeno

She’s gonna smoke a lot in the car, but has the decency to at least roll the windows down. She’s also got you covered if you need to bum a cigarette at any time, and will offer to pay for dinner if you agree to stop at Waffle House. Himeno’s great.

#1 — Pochita

He’s quiet, he’s loyal, and he’s man’s best friend with a chainsaw for a head. What’s not to love?