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Kevin McCarthy Naively Answers Question ‘What’s the Shape of Italy?’

WASHINGTON — Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out of the job Tuesday after answering the deceptively innocuous question, “What is the shape of Italy?”

“A boot,” McCarthy told lawmakers in the U.S. Capitol’s south wing. “I’m not sure how that is relevant to the topic at hand. Any elementary school student would be able to tell you that Italy is shaped like a—”

Security cut off the former speaker at this point and had him expelled from the premises.

McCarthy’s chief rival, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, orchestrated the motion by posing the question.

“I got that fucker good, huh?” stated Gaetz. “Oh man, you should have seen the look on his face. I learned that trick from talking to teenagers. A thing I frequently and aggressively do. Look it up!”

Upon McCarthy’s dismissal, House Representatives were reportedly setting up a LAN party to play ‘Tower of Power’ on Ascension.