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Report: It Okay To Watch Horror Movies in November Too

NEW YORK — It was reported at the beginning of the month that despite Halloween being over, it is completely fine for people to watch scary movies in November and beyond.

“We know that a lot of you like to watch scary movies in October, leading right up to Halloween,” said Dave Richmond, a member of the Associated Press. “But it is completely normal and even healthy to continue watching them into the month of November, and up through the rest of the year, honestly.”

Response to the news was divisive.

“I love horror movies, but they just hit different during spooky season and that’s a fact,” read a response on twitter from JackTheRipper420. “Like, I could watch a bunch of my favorite flicks after Halloween, but then when would I have time to marathon all of the best Thanksgiving movies? And no, I do not watch Christmas movies until December, either.”

Industry professionals shared unique insight into the situation.

“What? Of course you can watch my movies whenever you want,” said director John Carpenter. “You wanna watch Halloween during Easter? I don’t give a fuck. Why would I give a fuck? What an odd question to ask of me.”

At press time, it was reported that horror lovers have an unlimited supply of content year-round if they just turn on the news.