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REPORT: Bulk of Anime’s Budget Definitely Went Towards This Fight Scene

TOKYO — A new episode of a popular seasonal anime aired this week in Japan, leading previously curious audiences to no longer wonder what the immense budget and manpower was being spent on.

“Oh wow, yeah, they really blew their load here didn’t they,” said Blake Tyeson, who watches the show on Crunchyroll. “The last few episodes were looking pretty mid, but this episode was totally peak. Yeah, that’s how we all talk now.”

Staff members from the animation studio responsible weighed in.

“I’m glad that everybody is enjoying the production this week,” said director Masao Maruyama on Twitter. “And it’s all thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff. You have to know where to spend your money and your efforts, so that’s why we work smart, not hard.”

Anonymous replies claiming to be additional production staff weighed in.

“I worked 132 hours this week,” said one anonymous account. “How many hours are even in a week? I feel like I might have gone over that, actually. Anyway, I hope people enjoyed 30 minutes of cartoon teenagers punching the shit out of each other.”

At press time, diehard fans were already anticipating a drop in quality to follow and were eagerly drafting their complaints in response.

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