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Prom Chaperone Desperate for Teen Approval Tells Dancing Couple to Leave Room for the Joker

ARLINGTON, Va. — Local high school social studies teacher Arlene Roberts reportedly told a dancing couple to leave room for Batman villain the Joker during a prom event.

“Hey y’all, we live in a society, so make sure you leave room for the Joker over there! Haha. Seriously, though, you can’t really make out like that,” Roberts was heard saying to the school’s most popular and reportedly horny couple at the school’s prom. “I’m not trying to, uh, cramp your style or nothing, dog. You guys are really cool, actually. I always wanted a boyfriend like you when I was a kid, Jake. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. That was weird. Am I being weird? Anyway, please, uh, leave room for Mr. J to do some crimes between you two.”

According to those familiar with the situation, Roberts has reportedly tried desperately to win the approval of various popular students at the school.

“One time she showed up to school wearing an ironic minions tee shirt. It was honestly really embarrassing. I rank her even below Mr. Gibbons, and that guy lit a kid on fire once,” said sophomore Ayisha Pitts. “I don’t think people even really care about the Joker anymore. That was a thing people were saying in 2020, I guess? I don’t know, I was born after The Dark Knight even came out and I’m almost technically an adult. These days, everybody I know is big into the Riddler. That guy’s twisted.”

School principal Tom Buckley explained that Roberts unfortunately cannot be replaced while the school is so short staffed.

“Of course, she’s being weird out there, but my hands are tied. We really need every teacher we can get, because boy oh boy are we not paying them much. So if her main motivation is that she feels cool by, quote-unquote hanging out with these teens, then we kinda just have to let her,” Buckley explained. “And don’t get me wrong — the teens are pretty cool. Some of them smoke cigs like they’re eating french fries. It’s like a building full of James Deans. I feel starstruck sometimes, and that’s hard for me to be, because one time I met Lou Ferrigno.”

As of press time, Roberts took to the dance floor by herself and did the stairs dance from the Joker movie by herself. 

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